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Hi, I'm Debbie and welcome to my blog. I'm a mom to two amazing kids, and wife to a wonderful Husband. I thrive on being creative - thanks to my incredible Mom. She is talented in so many areas; she taught me to sew, enjoy baking and creating from experiences. I enjoy many forms of creativity: Graphic design (my newest venture), sewing, paper crafting and even cake decorating. I am constantly evolving and thus, an avid Pinner! The world and its array of wonderful people, will forever be inspiration. I hope you find something here that will inspire you to find your inner creativity. I love to learn new things and hear about my readers. Please leave a comment if a post has inspired you or just made you smile.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Card making - Dragonfly die cut

This is a card I made a while back for Hubby's aunt. Shirley has just been introduced to the delights of paper crafting, and has been a talented sewer for many years.

She loves dragon flies and paisley, so I had to incorporate them into the card. I embossed the paisley pattered paper as well as the scalloped edging with the cuttlebug paisley folder. I enjoy making the easel card - quick and easy, but looks fantastic!

No card is complete without bling.......

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Card making - some Christmas cards

Just a quick post to show some of the Christmas cards I have made.
Stamping Bella

MFT jumbo snow flake and smaller snow flake

More Stamping Bella.......and MFT dies

Stamping Bella with snowflake stamp from Stampin Up

Father Christmas with soft fluff on hat, sleeves and hem. Glitter everywhere else.......
My camera is officially broken now, so left with taking photo's with my phone. Pics are not the best sorry!
Busy changing all the labels on my tins in my craft room. I was going to paint them, but then decided I quite like the silver. Have painted one that was an old Quality Streets tin.
Take care and have a great day!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Where I play and create.....

Hi there! Hope you have been well? A few friends have asked me to please post some photo's of my craft room.
We are renting at the moment so I am not able to put up any shelves etc, so I am bursting at the seams. It also does not help that the room I have now is 1/5th the size of the craft room I had back home. Granted that it was also the guest room, but the queen sized bed was fab to use for extra 'table' space!

My new space is 1.9m x2.7m. I am really lacking in table space. I have to put things away almost immediately, otherwise there is no space on the floor for me to walk...ha ha. I am grateful, though, that this is a dedicated craft space, so I don't have to pack EVERYTHING away each time I craft.

My room is at the top of the landing. I have to keep it fairly tidy. I can't close the door. otherwise it will be too dark at the top of the stairs.
Cleared the mess on the table top. My Copic markers are in metal cutlery holders that I bought from a home store back in SA.

As you can see, the boxes are piled high! It is a bit of an obstacle course and head protection is needed......

The shelves hold all the embellishments and other craft "must haves".

The tension rod was bought as I thought I could hang my punches from it - too heavy. It now supports the two book cases, as I am not allowed to drill into the walls to bolt then.

The craft colour boxes hold various fibres, embellishments and stamps.

My spices racks hold a few of my punches. Stay tuned for the re-do/up-cycle of these which I completed today. The majority of the punches are in a HUGE big Jim tool box in O's room......

Plastic paper trays house my papers - well some of it....I do tend to hoard paper...
The folders house the catalogue of stamps, ink colours, dies, punches, sprays etc. There are also inspiration and tutorial folders.

The floor is packed too....can just squeeze my legs under there when I sit at my desk.

These are the boxes that house stamps (in themes), stencils, packaging materials etc.

The two pink baskets hold some of my ribbons and bakers twine

stuff everywhere you look, but the BLING box is easy to get to

Scissors, bone folder, ruler etc that I use often are within easy reach

The lighting is not the greatest, but have to make do till I have some money to upgrade the lights. The copic colour chart on the wall is for quick reference. The wire 3 tier caddy is a new purchase - just fell in love with it. It holds stamp cleaners, glues and mini ink pads. The metal bucket holds the wooden pegs awaiting the ribbon remnant stash to be sorted.

This is my cutting station. It is way too small, but will have to do. My metal dies are in the plastic box file on magnetic sheets, but it weighs a ton! Will get new folders to hold these one day. The clear basket holds some scraps from the most recent creations. The Sizzix dies are in the large craft boxes (again very heavy) and my embossing folders are in the other, smaller box. The dvd storage box is being used for tapes, glue dots, chalks etc.

So that is it in a nutshell. I do still have 1large box that needs to be unpacked, and more papers etc in the kids room. Luckily the new beds in O's room have storage drawers, so one holds all my envelopes.
I have been able to make some cards, so will post them this week.
My new toy (Oekaki sewing machine/free hand embroidery machine) arrived yesterday. Can't wait to play.
Take care all and happy crafting.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

I'm back - sorta.........

Gosh, it's been months! Since my last post, we have sold and packed up a house as well as moved continents! It has been a hard few months - saying goodbye to family and friends and venturing into the unknown and pretty much single-handed, as Hubby left first a few months ahead of us. We are slowly making our new country our home.

I feel creatively DEAD! I have not been able to craft for months and am still trying to unpack the boxes of craft stuff, whilst entertain O and V. My stunning, big craft room is a thing of the past. I now have a box room, so fitting a watermelon into a pin-prick is pretty much what I am trying to achieve. I must be grateful for my own space though, as I know many of you very talented crafters produce stunning works of craft from dining room tables, or tight corners of your homes.

I am hoping to be able to start posting some more craft things and desperately need to find a craft outlet to sell the hundreds of cards I have created. I must now make this obsession pay it's way.......
If anyone who is reading this lives in the UK and especially in Worcester, and knows of places /ways of selling hand made things, I would really appreciate a heads up!

Anyway, sorry that this blog has been quiet for so long. I hope you are all well and please drop me a line, say hi, or leave any comment.

Take care and sending crafty vibes your way.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Flower Faires 1st Birthday

My little princess turned one recently. I had wanted her party theme to be flower fairies - all mommies think their one year old's look too cute in fairy wings!

My Mom smocked the cutest dress for her and she also helped me to decorate the cake.

Below are some photo's of the day:

Such a poser

Wings and wand

Some party decorations......

Magic wands....

The cake..........
Kiddies table

Birthday girl...xoxoxo
Hope you enjoyed the photo's. I had such fun planning, shopping for, making and setting up V's birthday. Thanks my little sweet-pea - I love you
Take care