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Hi, I'm Debbie and welcome to my blog. I'm a mom to the sweetest boy and angelic girl, a full time Mom and a part time crafter. I love anything creative, but alas time does not allow me to participate in all my interests. I enjoy card making, baking, cake decorating and sewing. I hope you find something here that will inspire you. Many of my projects have been inspired by other very talented crafters. I love to learn new things - so please feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

V is for Vintage and V

I knew that I did not want a "baby theme" nursery for V, but was not 100% sure what I wanted. I had bought a wire heart when I was pregnant with O and some wrapping paper with birds and mice on. Bird cages are all the rage at the moment and I found a simply beautiful one. The theme of hearts and birds was born...but I also wanted Vintage.

V's cot is an antique - lovingly hand painted by my Aunt who is an artist.

I also have a child's Singer sewing machine that my Mom had as a little girl and AA Milne books also belonging to my Mom. My sister gave me the bear - the bear's name is V and because she is wearing a smocked dress (my Mom smocks beautifully), my sister just HAD to have it! The little dog on the changing table is called "Puppy Love" - I fell in love with this musical dog as a 3 year old and the previous teenage owner very kindly gave it to me. He is very threadbare, but my Mom has stitched much of him together for me.

Naartjie clothing www.naartjie.co.za have the cutest "patchwork" bears with some of the proceeds going to charity - so it was def a must have! The poor shop assistants must have thought I was crazy as I lined up 3 bears to decide on which I would eventually take.......
Although their faces are all similar, I loved the look of this bear...and the fact that it had birds on.

The wall above the bed showcases 3 ribbon embroidery pictures, done by my talented Mom many years ago for my niece. Luckily for V (and me..) my niece was happy to LOAN them to her cousin.

I wish I was a talented photographer, as the pictures above don't really do the room justice. I have not even touched on the linen that my Mom made for the bed and cot, as well as two quilts - they deserve a post of their own!  Anyway the final touch is the bird in the window....