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Hi, I'm Debbie and welcome to my blog. I'm a mom to the sweetest boy and angelic girl, a full time Mom and a part time crafter. I love anything creative, but alas time does not allow me to participate in all my interests. I enjoy card making, baking, cake decorating and sewing. I hope you find something here that will inspire you. Many of my projects have been inspired by other very talented crafters. I love to learn new things - so please feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Cake Decorating - Tortoise cupcakes

O turned one last month. I was inspired by a local animation for his birthday. Phil and his team at Sunrise Productions have created a wonderful, African animation that is universal. The baby tortoise in their character library just reminded me of O - big, beautiful, blue eyes.

I started with green fondant, shaped them and then hand painted the shells. The eye sockets were filled with white balls and then painted.
basic shape


The hatchery.......

close up...ain't I cute??

all of us

Well - only a few more sleeps till I leave the security of my job. Excited and scared - must make my hobbies pay my way now! Huge step - anyone got some good advice about making your hobby a business??

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Card Making - Early days

Wow - it has been a very long October, jam-packed with O's 1st birthday, My DH, Sister and Dad's birthdays and a buying trip to Chile. To end the month off I resigned from my job - so no time to post.
I hope you have all been well?

I was browsing old folders the other day and found some of the first cards I made......a VERY long time ago. So just for kicks I am going to post some pics....It all started with some punches, hand-made paper, beads and a stamp....


Very beige and natural...it is certainly fun to see where you started and how your style changes over the years! What has been your influence? How did you start?
Take care